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Is your Daily Collection Update getting further delayed

Era of giving handwritten receipts and updating backend systems using the "Office Copy" later is long gone.

Use your agent's smartphone / tab, fully integrated with your backend system to update the collection details online, real-time.

View your agents' locations real time, get instant collection updates and send your clients SMS confirmations and improve transparency of collections.




Agent location update & history

The administrator can view the current location of the agents, their historical movements along with dates and times. Your agents will full time be on the field, collecting dues from your clients hereafter


Automatic geo tagging

In order to enter a transaction, data and GPS (location) should be turned on. Your agents will record not only their location, but also clients’ locations too


Real-time collection update

Companies can now get collection status real time, without waiting for the agents to come back to office and do data entry. Managers can make their decisions effectively, based on the updated information



Automatic route creation and deviation alerts

Once a list of clients is assigned to an agent, the system calculates the route to travel based on “Shortest Path Algorithms”. Deviations to this route get alerted to the Administrator by way of Exceptions


Promise to pay

If clients promise to pay overdue amounts in a future dates, such client visits are alerted on that particular day for following up


SMS payment confirmations to clients

SmartCollector generates SMSs to the client instantly as payment confirmations. This SMS would be sent under your company mask.If a bluetooth printer is connected, a printed receipt can also be generated