SasiaNet | Supply Chain Financing Suite

SasiaNet | Supply Chain Financing Suite


Supply Chain Financing is somewhat modern to the world, but is now widely spread across the globe. SasiaNet’s footprints in Supply Chain Financing (precisely in Factoring) have been recognized globally too. SasiaNet is the only Sri Lankan software company that has been recognized as a Sri Lankan Factoring Software Solution by the FCI (Factors Chain International), the global body that governs Factoring in the globe.

What is a Supply Chain and what is Supply Chain Financing?


SasiaNet’s Supply Chain Financing story has following products to suit different positions in the Supply Chain.

Further, SasiaNet offers the following related products too:

  • Trade Finance
  • Invoice Discounting
  • Cheque Discounting

SasiaNet is the predominant market leader in Sri Lanka for Factoring (thus Supply Chain Financing) software with multiple qualified leads from various foreign prospective clients.


Invoice Factoring

As the pioneer in Sri Lankan Factoring industry, SasiaNet’s Factoring story begins with the inception of SasiaNet in 1997. The product was architected by Factoring consultants who mastered Factoring in other parts of the world and localized to match with the Sri Lankan flavor.

The product evolved with time technically and functionally multiple times to suit modern requirements in the Factoring domain. Today Sri Lanka’s Factoring software market is dominated by SasiaNet with over 85% market share.

Key functionalities of SasiaNet | Factoring are as follows:

  • Inquiry management
  • Diary management
  • Real time client payment availability
  • User definable fee structure
  • Multiple product creation
  • Client access portal
  • Client self-onboarding

SasiaNet | Factoring complies with all types of Factoring businesses that come under various classifications such as Recourse Factoring & Non-Recourse Factoring and Forward (Conventional) Factoring & Reverse Factoring.

Factoring domain knowledge retained within the company since its inception has today become an invaluable asset to SasiaNet. We do not provide a mere piece of software, but a complete, end-to-end solution, bundled with our consultative knowledge and suggestions for best practices.

SasiaNet | Factoring has two flavors as the on-premise version which is mostly embraced by the local entities and the cloud version which is offered for overseas clients. Both products are functionally similar despite where it is hosted.

For Whom?

A few banks and many finance companies have already commenced Factoring business, considering its value addition to their corporate client-base. This is a more controlled product compared to Overdraft Facilities offered under Business Banking. Banks and Finance companies can finance their corporate clients against the sales ledger with a 20%-30% retention.

To learn benefits of Factoring for the Factors and Clients, please write to us on or Click here.

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Dealer Financing

SasiaNet | Dealer Financing is the newest addition to its product portfolio, considering the market demand.

Dealers (distributors) who purchase from large manufacturers or exporters will have to surrender to the selling terms imposed by the seller (the larger entity) hence will have to pay cash on delivery whereas they would only earn once they recover from retailers. Retailers are too small to pay immediately thus would request credit terms during which time the Dealer has to manage without cash from business. The Financier can offer Dealer Financing facilities to those Dealers who have cash shortages.

SasiaNet | Dealer Financing comprises of the following key features:

  • Inquiry management
  • Diary management
  • Real time Dealer payment availability
  • Integrated accounting with built-in controls
  • Comprehensive limits management
  • User-friendly fee structure
  • Dealer Access module

We are ready to offer consultative services as a part of our presales process for new entrants to the Dealer Financing domain. For existing Dealer Financing service providers, before they implement SasiaNet | Dealer Financing, we would study their business to provide suggestions of improvements or to highlight bottlenecks before they get into actual trouble.

For Whom?

SasiaNet | Dealer Financing is for financiers who are capable enough to fund Dealers (Distributors) against their large purchase volumes. They would directly settle the supplier (manufacturer or exporter) against the invoices or GRNs issued by the supplier / purchaser and would recover after the credit period from the Dealer once the retailers settle.

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Purchase Order Financing (PO Financing / Work Order Financing)

Small scale suppliers who supply raw materials to manufacturers would be paid only when they deliver items to the manufacturing plant. These small entrepreneurs will have to manage their expenses (manpower, sourcing cost, etc.) from external sources until they are paid by the manufacturer at the end of the delivery process.

SasiaNet invites any potential PO Financing entity to get the solution developed on demand. SasiaNet would share its consultative knowledge in Supply Chain Financing to fine tune the business concept to develop the best PO Financing system in town.

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Trade Finance

SasiaNet | Trade Finance business is another variant of the Supply Chain Financing family. This enables companies involved in international business to receive funds before a shipment happens. This is a commonly used business model when the purchaser is unknown and there is a risk of defaulting payments.

Key features of SasiaNet Trade Finance are as follows:

  • Product setup 
  • Fee setup
  • Invoice type setup 
  • Charges setup 
  • Client on-boarding & facility creation
  • Disbursements
  • Interest calculation
  • Settlement
  • Reporting
  • Diary Management
  • Exceptions Engine
  • Dashboards
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Cheque Discounting and Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting and Cheque Discounting are two additional products that could be handled from SasiaNet | Factoring. SasiaNet | Factoring allows creation of various products with different features and different fees. Invoice Discounting and Cheque Discounting would be two of such products.

Cheque Discounting

Cheque Discounting is the mechanism where the financier provides finance against a post dated cheque. This is a common business practice when the client is known to the financier.

Cheque Discounting is recognized as one of the riskiest businesses in Supply Chain Financing. However, this risk can be minimized through certain business rules which could be configured in the SasiaNet solution and through getting the users adhered to those business rules. SasiaNet would share that knowledge with any entities that are willing to adopt Cheque Discounting.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting is a miniature level Factoring where the Financier provides funding against an individual invoice. This could be a practice when the business volume is low.

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