SasiaNet | Financial Suite

SasiaNet | Financial Suite


SasiaNet | Financial Suite (SNFS) focuses on general and specific business requirements of a financial institution viz. a bank or a finance company. This comprises of Lending and Deposit products that are used by any financial institution.

In order to support cross functionality of users, we have maintained uniformity and consistency in interfaces as well as business processes across different products. Thus our approach has been a fully integrated but a modular-based architecture for the various products with the capability of standing alone.

Our products within the SasiaNet | Financial Suite Pillar are as follows:

In addition, SasiaNet possesses a fully fledged Financial Accounting Software Solution (SasiaNet | Accounts) that includes General Ledger,Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets and Inventory.

Why SasiaNet | Financial Solutions Suite?

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SasiaNet | Leasing (Leasing / Hire Purchasing and Loans)

The complete lifecycle of Leasing, Hire Purchasing and Loans are on offer with SasiaNet | Leasing / Lending Solution. This enables our clients to handle every aspect of a Lease, Hire Purchase or a Loan from the level of an inquiry up to settlement while covering every operation in between.

With SasiaNet | Leasing / Lending you can operate without looking up to even a spreadsheet or a word processing application.

Key components of SasiaNet | Leasing / Lending Solution are:

  • Inquiry management
  • Configurable workflow engine
  • Credit evaluation
  • Insurance management
  • Payments and settlements (Direct/CEFT/SLIP)
  • Various types of facility closures
  • Recovery and follow up
  • Call center management
  • Repossession and yard management
  • Legal case management
  • Notification management
  • Reports & Dashboards
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SasiaNet | Gold Loans

SasiaNet recently launched its latest version of the Gold Loans platform, with a redefined Gold Loans process!

Gold Loan Management solution is comprehensive, robust and easy to use so that this will be the best fit for any organization that is into Gold Loans. The product is flexible and supports integrations with any core solution. Key components of SasiaNet | Gold Loans are:

  • Tickets & Payments
  • Gold Rate Updates
  • Part Settlements
  • Waiving Offs
  • Auctioning
  • Densimeter Integration
  • Gold Loan Register
  • Gold Rate Reports
  • Reports and Dashboards
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SasiaNet | Fixed Deposits

The Fixed Deposits System is another flexible product that enables users to introduce innovative Fixed Deposit plans to attract customers. The product supports standard (and traditional) Fixed Deposit functionalities and modern innovative functionalities that attract potential customers in different ways.

Key components are:

  • Inquiry management
  • Configurable workflow engine
  • Fund lifecycle management (Upliftments / Rollovers / Additions)
  • Settlement management (CEFT/SLIP)
  • Cash back loans
  • Notifications management
  • Reports & Dashboards
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SasiaNet | Savings

The Savings System, under SasiaNet Financial Solutions Suite is an easy-to-use product that enables day-to-day operations. The product is integrated with other products such as Loans and Fixed Deposits to ensure operations within client organizations are smooth and efficient.

Some key components of SasiaNet | Savings are as follows:

  • Inquiry management
  • Customer self on-boarding portal
  • ATM integration
  • Digital services
  • CEFT / SLIP integration
  • Notification management
  • Reports & Dashboards

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of SasiaNet | Savings when introducing new products to the market faster than ever before. In the dynamically changing business environment, Savings is an ever-evolving business and the market needs to respond to such changes fast. SasiaNet | Savings is designed to handle this market condition.

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SasiaNet | SmartMove

Business Origination and Workflow System

SasiaNet | SmartMove is a digital application processing platform designed for onsite leasing and loan processing. Simple and user-friendly interfaces accelerate speed of granting lending facilities and reduce operational cost.

SasiaNet | SmartMove introduces some unique methods to drive the facility activation process from the moment a facility application is raised from an offsite location. Within a few minutes the marketing officer on the field would be able to take the application process up to facility activation without delays, ensuring the marketing officer grabs a business before his competitors do.

Ability of defining and changing process sequence enriches the business value of the solution. The product consists of the following features.

  • Inquiry management and CRIB request
  • CRIB evaluation
  • Offer terms and application processing
  • Recommendation, credit appraisal and approval
  • Offer confirmation
  • Facility activation
  • Agreement and document printing
  • Image capturing
  • Defining product based document matrix
  • Customer segment based income and expense models
  • Product-based rule engine

SasiaNet | SmartMove has been designed with flexibility to integrate with any third party core lending solution.

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SasiaNet | SmartCollector

Android-based Mobile App for Collections Management

SasiaNet | SmartCollector is a mobile application designed to bring teller function to the field. Collection officers are facilitated to visit customer premises and collect cash or cheque payments. Payment promises and other observations and findings too can be recorded.

Collections are automatically updated on the core lending system instantly and when the transaction is processed, an SMS notification is sent to the customer. A receipt can be printed using a Bluetooth printer as a secondary confirmation for the payment.

SasiaNet | SmartCollector is not a mere cash collections app, but an all-in-one solution which comprises of a portal. Collection officer movement dashboard in SasiaNet | SmartCollector Portal enables monitoring of the movements of filed collectors and their operations on real time basis. Exceptions Reports trigger inefficiencies and rule violations of collectors.

Collection limit is controlled by Till Limit assigned to each officer and access is controlled by SasiaNet | SmartCollector portal where IMEI number of each device is mapped. This enhances the security for the application and the user who carries cash. Features of SasiaNet | SmartCollector include:

  • Device mapping
  • Till configuration
  • Receipting and recording follow up actions
  • Cash handover option
  • Exception reports and widgets for pending handover, not connected devices and not moving devices
  • Collection and follow up action summary
  • Collection statistics
  • Collection comparison against previous month
  • Tracking movement history of field officers
  • Panic mode
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