SasiaNet Advantage

Why partner with SasiaNet?

  • Experience

    SasiaNet has a proven track record of developing and implementing multiple software products, since 1997. Throughout this period SasiaNet has built confidence in its clients through quality products and continuous after sales services.

  • Independence

    SasiaNet has no conflicts of interest as it is an independent entity. The client’s interests always come first. The client’s data is in safe hands and the client gets a personalized product with features that are unique.

  • Stability

    SasiaNet is financially independent and stable, and it’s decision and actions are not unduly influenced by external financiers.

  • Focus

    Since its inception in 1997, SasiaNet has been catering to one business domain, which is the Financial Services industry. Accumulating domain knowledge in this single area enables SasiaNet to continuously enhance its products and services, and provide a superior service.

  • Innovation

    Having control over the software enables SasiaNet to constantly update its technologies and stay aligned with the latest software trends. SasiaNet pioneered various groundbreaking applications to automate various business segments within the financial domain. Clients’ business operations are not constrained by technology as SasiaNet upgrades technologies.

  • Flexibility

    SasiaNet provides flexible solutions to meet customer requirements instead of the client having to change its operations to suit the software product. SasiaNet provides solutions that do not end up as problems.

  • Service

    SasiaNet staff is trained to go out of the way to meet customer requirements. They are always contactable through phone/email ensuring a speedy service. All inquiries are attended to and solutions provided in a timely manner.

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