WebAccounts - Financial Accounting Software System - Sri Lanka

WebAccounts - Financial Accounting Software System

WebAccounts - Financial Accounting Software System

WebAccounts is a Financial Accounting Software System which is simple to use and yet is rich with comprehensive tools that allow companies to control all financial information and processes in an online real-time basis. For Financial Institutions and other service-oriented organizations, having real time access to key financial information and reports is of utmost importance. WebAccounts consists of the General Ledger, Cashbook, Budgets, Fixed Assets and Payables/Accrual Management modules. This product can be seamlessly integrated with other SasiaNet software products. The user friendliness of this product enables even a user with minimal accounting knowledge to use it with ease. WebAccounts is affordable and in most instances has replaced all other accounting software products within user organisations.

WebAccounts - Financial Accounting Software System facilitates its users to generate financial statements and report on an online real-time basis. These reports are equipped with the facility to drill down to different levels of information, right upto the source document level. This includes even the source documents from other SasiaNet products (DealNet and NetAsset) when integrated.


WebAccounts - Financial Accounting Software System carries a modular architecture that demarcates the activities carried out by each user in different functional areas/departments. Through this the user is given fast access to the system and its features.


Front-end user interfaces of WebAccounts - Financial Accounting Software System are designed using a combination of programming and scripting languages such as Java, Javascript, AJAX and HTML. This facilitates easy browser based access of the system. WebAccount‘s backend is Oracle Relational Database Management System (Oracle RDBMS), which is one of the most renowned databases for financial applications due to its high security, robustness and reliability. This system is strong enough to stand independently and flexible enough to be integrated with any other SasiaNet product.


  • SasiaNet‘s services help you work in a hassle free software environment.
  • SasiaNet customizes its software to match with your business process the way you do business is the best way suited for you.
  • SasiaNet shares its knowledge with you by offering you the latest tools and components available in the industry.
  • SasiaNet‘s courteous staff attends to requests for additional features or modifications and delivers the requirements as early as possible.
  • SasiaNet provides free version upgrades to its customers enabling them to be always be using the most up to date solution
  • Based on your ability to invest, you may initially purchase a base level system and keep on adding features and modules when you generate cash flows.
  • SasiaNet is ready to assist you in purchasing hardware, database licensing and networking.
  • Through customer satisfaction and user satisfaction surveys, SasiaNet continues to improve in terms of products and services provided

Success Stories

  • WebAccounts – Financial Accounting

  • First Capital Treasuries Limited
  • First Capital Limited
  • First Capital Markets Limited
  • First Capital Asset Management Limited
  • Axis Financial Services (Pvt) Limited
  • CKR Tea (Pvt) Limited
  • Eton Healthcare (Pvt) Limited
  • Blocks and Cubes Lanka (Pvt) Limited
  • Colombo Commodities (Pvt) Limited
  • Asian Cotton Mills Limited
  • Taprobane Holdings Limited
  • Taprobane Money Brokers
  • National Wealth Corporation Limited
  • National Wealth Securities Limited
  • Nations Leasing
    (Leasing division of Nations Trust Bank)
  • Hatton National Bank – EPF
  • Sithma Development (Pvt) Ltd
    (a subsidiary of HNB)
  • Orient Financial Services Corporation Limited
  • The Multi Finance Company Limited
  • WebAccounts – Money Brokering

  • Taprobane Investments (Pvt) Limited