SasiaNet | SmartContact

SasiaNet | SmartContact

Engage with Clients with 3600 View

How many steps do you follow when contacting a client to follow up recoveries?

  1. Open recoveries report;
  2. View client contact details;
  3. Dial the number on the phone by looking at it on screen;
  4. Go back to recovery report to find due amounts

This is the conventional method. Here comes the trendy way. With SasiaNet | SmartContact, you call the client with just a click of a button while viewing client and recovery details!


What is SasiaNet | SmartContact?

SasiaNet | SmartContact is a Contact Center Solution, optimized for the Recovery Function of a Bank or an NBFI.


How does it work?

You can integrate it with your core solution to push recovery details of your client portfolio to the Contact Center portal to shoot calls.


What are the features of SasiaNet | SmartContact?

  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

With CTI, customer information would be displayed on screen. All relevant details related to the customer’s profile, payments, dues would be shown on screen so that the Contact Center agent would know how to approach the customer.

  • Dialer

You do not have to manually enter the contact number now. By clicking on the contact number field, you can directly trigger the call on your PABX system.

  • Action based dialing

Based on the action to be taken, you can start shooting calls with SasiaNet | SmartContact. You can group the calls by contracts getting due today, contracts to be contacted for dues and contracts that are to be due within the month. Therefore, contracts with similar nature could be completed at once efficiently.

  • Supervision

Supervisors can monitor the activities, performance and efficiency of the agents assigned to him/her. They are able to view total activities of his cadre or individual agent-wise statistics.

  • System administration

Administrative functions such as creating agents, creating supervisors, assigning supervisors to agents, PABX configuration, etc come in handy with the solution.

  • Reports & Dashboards

SasiaNet | SmartContact comprises of reports and dashboards such as agents’ productive time (call time), idle time, average time taken to close a case, etc. Also the supervisors can view exceptions of his teams, success rates, etc through reports and dashboards available in the platform.

  • Integrations (e.g. with core lending platform)

The solution enables integration with any core solution to push client and recovery details. As all the required details would then be available in the SmartContact portal, the agents are not required to view core system screens as everything he/she has to know would be available on the SasiaNet | SmartContact application.


Which companies can benefit from SasiaNet | SmartContact?

Currently this is useful to banks and finance companies to be used in their recovery functions. With future enhancements to the product, the usage would be broadened in such a way the solution would be prospective for many industries.


Engage with Clients with 3600 View

SasiaNet | SmartContact