Client Testimonials

"SasiaNet was awarded with the opportunity to automate the Factoring operation at Seylan Bank PLC in the beginning of year 2016. SasiaNet accepted the challenging opportunity without any hesitation and went on to integrate the NetAsset Factoring solution with the AS/400 CORE banking solution and delivered the integrated environment to commence live operation in the month of May 2016. SasiaNet team trained our staff on the system features and guided us to ensure a smooth rollover of the Factoring solution at our bank."


Deputy General Manager – Consumer Finance Seylan Bank plc

"Colombo Trust Finance PLC (formally known as ‘Capital Alliance Finance PLC’) commenced the Factoring business in the year 2014 and we selected NetAsset Factoring solution of SasiaNet to automate the processes of the business. The acceptance of NetAsset Factoring solution in Sri Lanka and the track record of SasiaNet over the years provided sufficient evidence for the management of Colombo Trust Finance PLC (formally known as ‘Capital Alliance Finance PLC’) to select SasiaNet as the IT partner for the Factoring operation. The staff support of SasiaNet was very cordial and courteous through out the implementation and it continues to remain the same in the post live scenario too."


Chief Executive Officer - Colombo Trust Finance PLC

"We started Factoring business at Commercial Credit in the year 2014 and Commercial Credit management opted to go with SasiaNet - Factoring system, as it is widely used in Sri Lanka by the Factoring companies. SasiaNet responded to our need instantly and delivered the system and integrated it with our existing CORE system within the stipulated time frame. This helped us to enter the Factoring market successfully and also it helped us to win the confidence of our clients by meeting their expectations on a timely manner. The speedy and courteous support service that we receive from SasiaNet staff helps us to resolve any operational issues that we encounter in the system while carrying out the business."


Head of Factoring - Commercial Credit & Finance PLC

"SasiaNet (Pvt) Limited implemented their web based Factoring solution during the later part of 2012 and the system has been in operation since then and SasiaNet team has assisted the Factoring staff at the bank with courteous and cordial service over the years. SasiaNet accommodated the operational changes that took place as business progressed in the factoring system swiftly which helped us enormously to carryout the business with our clients without causing any break in the chain. All in all the SasiaNet – Factoring system has been behaving in stable condition during the operation and this facilitates us to carryout our business uninterruptedly in the Factoring division at Union bank."


Factoring Head – Union Bank of Colombo PLC

"We started associating with SasiaNet (Pvt) Limited since 2012 and the NetAsset Factoring solution of SasiaNet, a popular name for Invoice Factoring and Cheque Discounting in Sri Lanka was our choice without any hesitation to start the Factoring operation at UB Finance. SasiaNet has been providing a courteous, prompt and friendly service from the inception and this has helped us over the years to dedicate the system related responsibility to SasiaNet and to focus our total attention on business."


Chief Executive Officer – UB Finance Company Limited

“NetAsset - Asset Financing System, consisting of leasing, loans, hire purchase as well as factoring, is a software system that has been tailor made for our requirements. Key benchmarks set at the time of initial planning such as application entry times, pricing calculation times and application processing times have been achieved. Key features such as flexible credit scores, user defined context sensitive document set up, unique system diary and follow up functions provide us with enhanced operational efficiencies. The reports generated by the system for collections along with the flexibility displayed by SasiaNet to fine tune same to suit exact operational requirements, has significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our recoveries function. Year end and month end finalization of accounts have improved tremendously from a year ago, due to built-in control mechanisms and reconciliations. We selected SasiaNet, due to its proven track record. We are very satisfied with what SasiaNet has delivered. We are impressed by the levels of support and service that we continue to receive from SasiaNet.”

Travis Waas

Chief Executive Officer

“In 2006 we were looking out for a suitable provider of Leasing Software in order to replace the software sourced from a South Asian country. After learning about the successful track record of SasiaNet in the financial service sector, we selected SasiaNet to develop a system suitable to us and the Sri Lankan Leasing Industry. They started developing a leasing and loans system called NetAsset, and finally it became a very well tuned system with many advanced features. The service we were offered was also very satisfactory. As is common with any software implementation, there were issues and challenges, but what was important was that all these were successfully addressed by SasiaNet. We also selected SasiaNet software for our Factoring and Financial Accounting requirements. Sri Lankan companies such as SasiaNet are an asset to the financial services industry and I wish them the very best in their future endeavours.”

Gamini Ranasinghe

Former CEO – Orient Financial Services, Non-Executive Director – Seylan Merchant Bank