SasiaNet | Investments Suite

SasiaNet | Investments Suite


SasiaNet | Investments Suite is a browser-based software solutions family that takes care of the entire spectrum of activities of an Investment Portfolio Manager / Securities Dealer / Treasurer from Deal Entry up to Accounting. Its products can handle Debt & Equity, Money Market products and Fixed Income Securities and caters to Outright Purchases and Sales, Repurchase Agreements and Reverse Repurchase Agreements. It handles the entirety of the back office operations from deal entry / capture to verifications and approvals, to confirmation generation, inventory management, settlement management, report generation and accounting. SasiaNet | Investments Suite handles securities in both scrip and scripless environments.

SasiaNet Investments Suite comprises of the following products:

  • SasiaNet | Investment Portfolio Management
  • SasiaNet | Margin Trading 
  • SasiaNet | Primary Dealer
  • SasiaNet | Unit Trusts
  • SasiaNet | Treasury Management


Every product of SasiaNet | Investments Suite carries a modular architecture that demarcates the activities carried out by each user in different functional areas/departments. Through this the user is given fast access to the system and its features.

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  • SasiaNet‘s services help you work in a hassle free software environment.
  • SasiaNet customizes its software to match with your business process. The way you do business is the best way suited for you.
  • SasiaNet shares its knowledge with you by offering you the latest tools and components available in the industry.
  • SasiaNet‘s courteous staff attends to requests for additional features or modifications and delivers the requirements as early as possible.
  • SasiaNet is ready to assist you in purchasing hardware, database licensing and networking.
  • Through customer satisfaction and user satisfaction surveys, SasiaNet continues to improve in terms of products and services provided.
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