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SasiaNet | Debtor Management

Manage debtors without affecting cashflows

SasiaNet | Debtor Management is a cloud-based solution that presents up-to-date well organized information to different levels of the company.

Why SasiaNet | Debtor Management?

  • Identify risky debtors and risk level
  • Mitigate risk of losing cash flows due to delay in recovery actions
  • Identify exceptions to stream line recovery process
  • Debtor portfolio in fingertips
  • Flexibility of integrating with frond end operation systems and GL

Core Features & Functionalities

  • Comprehensive debtor profile management module
  • Operational and analytical dashboard for debtor portfolio analysis
  • Common diary and exception management engine
  • Transaction analysis dashboard
  • Invoice capturing through OCR
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SasiaNet | Dashboards

Make effective decisions with better information presentation

Information on tabular views are precise and useful many times, but not always. There are various instances the strategic management teams need information at fingertips to make quick decisions. 

SasiaNet | Dashboards is a highly versatile tool that allows you to connect one or more legacy systems and extract data to organize information meaningfully.

Our tool has many important characteristics:

  • Role-based access
  • Dynamic reports
  • Add / remove fields to graphs and charts
  • Additional information on mouse-over 

What your functional system is, is not our matter. We can help you make timely decisions by presenting the information more meaningfully than from a static report.

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SasiaNet | Document Management

Manage documents securely, electronically

Our Document Management approach is very modern and user-friendly. This new member to the SasiaNet product family can help any organization to integrate with their workflow systems to manage documents effectively.

Key features and functionalities of SasiaNet | Document Management System are:

  • Security & Access control
  • Bulk uploading
  • File synchronization
  • Indexing & Classification

SasiaNet | Document Management is seamlessly integrated with SasiaNet | SmartMove, the Business Origination and Workflow solution. The product is loosely coupled, hence we can integrated with any other solution.

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