Other Products


Factoring Software Solution

SasiaNet‘s first factoring product, WebFactor is a web based software solution for NFactor, the Factoring Division of Nations Trust Bank (formerly Factoring Division of Mercantile Leasing Limited). This product handles the entirety of the operations of the Factoring Division from system maintenance to invoice schedule entry, payment generation, calculation availability, monitoring of credit limits, facilitating collections to report generation and accounting. This product has been well accepted by the client and has helped enormously to improve service levels and capture market share.

Bond Index Solution

This is a web based software solution that allows the user to create and maintain any number of indexes relating to Government Securities. This product was used by First Capital Markets, and has helped the client to launch the first and only such index in the country.

SasiaNet Markets

This is a web based online information service on the companies and securities listed in the CSE, encompassing Trading Information, Business News, Company Information, Sector Information, Overall Market Information and a querying tool to filter financial and securities databases. This service was discontinued after successful implementation from 1998 to 2000, due to depressed market conditions, and high costs in obtaining an online feed from the CSE.