SasiaNet | SmartCollector

SasiaNet | SmartCollector


Today, many companies are finding it difficult to collect dues / rentals from their debtors / customers.

You could be one of them who wants to get rid of debt mountains or overdue rentals. If not you could be someone who foresee such a problem and looking for ways to avoid it.

Finally, the wait is over. The new release of SasiaNet | SmartCollector cash collection mobile app is now enriched with Debtor Management features.



Android-based Mobile App

SasiaNet | SmartCollector consists of an Android-based Mobile App to record receipts online, real time. As confirmation for the receipt, an SMS would be generated and/or a receipt could be printed using a Bluetooth printer. Issuing handwritten receipts will no more be handy.

 The management will receive collection alerts instantly to their mobile phones. In crucial times, you can make important working capital decisions if you have timely information at your fingertips


Collector location tracking

Collection officers’ route they took (real time as well as historical records) and their current locations can be viewed on the SmartCollector portal. When a transaction takes place, it is mandatory to have the location on so that customer’s actual location would be recorded. This information can be used to analyze and predict where the clients actually would be at a specific time of the day.


Follow up management

In addition to the financial transactions, collectors can record their observations and follow up actions on the app. If the client’s address has been changed such details can be recorded in the app. The new address could be updated too (with permission). Also if the client promises to pay a certain amount on another day, that amount and the date can be recorded for further follow up on a future date.


Web portal with device management & security features and collection dashboards

SmartCollector web portal is rich with reports, dashboards and security features. You can compare branch-wise / collector-wise performance using graphs and charts. Your month-on-month collections, client-wise collections are also available on dashboards for comparison.

If a mobile phone is lost, that user can instantly be removed from the system to avoid accessing data. We also use the Till Management concept to avoid carrying too much cash, to ensure collection officers are physical safe. In case if an agent is forced to perform a bogus transaction, “Panic Mode” is available for the user to inform the management secretly that he/she is in trouble, while recording a dummy transaction.


Debtor profile management

SasiaNet | SmartCollector is fully integrated with SasiaNet | Debtor Management, which is a fully-fledged debtor management application. You can maintain profiles of debtors, their payment patterns, invoice details, due amounts, etc.


Collections diary

The Collections Diary will help you schedule the daily collection plan for each collections officer. As you maintain collection due dates against the client / debtor, you have the list of places to visit at the time of starting your day.


Invoice capturing through OCR

When an invoice needs to be uploaded on the Debtor Management platform, you do not need to manually enter invoice details. You can simply scan and upload the image and SasiaNet | Debtor Management platform can capture the text and figures using OCR technology. This will minimize typing errors too.


Debtor profile analysis dashboard

Debtor profiles can be analyzed to understand payment patterns and payment ageing. You will carry these insights in your future business with same or similar clients.


Transaction analysis dashboard

We have powerful dashboards to analyze transactions too. Such findings would be useful to determine future cash flows from existing debtors / clients.


Smart Alertz on collections, exceptions and approvals

SasiaNet | SmartCollector is also integrated with SasiaNet | SmartAlertz, the platform that would generate alerts for smart actions. Such alerts could be collection updates, exceptions to collections and processes such as route deviations or panic mode activations or approvals for transactions, deposits, etc.

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You no longer have to wait forever until your debtors / clients visit your office to settle their dues. You can simply get your field officers meet them at their doorstep and accept payments. If they still want to give excuses, record those excuses too.

SasiaNet | SmartCollector is not a mere cash collections app. It’s a fully-fledged debtor management system too, with Smart Alertz enabled.


Field level collections made Smart.

SasiaNet | SmartCollector