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Fintrex Finance Limited
Orient Finance PLC*
UB Finance Co PLC
SasiaNet | Financial Suite SasiaNet | SmartCollector Fintrex Finance Ltd.
SasiaNet | Financial Suite SasiaNet | SmartMove Fintrex Finance Ltd.
SasiaNet | Supply Chain Financing Suite

SasiaNet | Factoring

Assetline Leasing Company Ltd.
Commercial Credit & Finance PLC
Commercial Leasing & Finance PLC
Dialog Finance Ltd.
Fintrex Finance Limited
Lanka Orix Factors Ltd.
LB Finance PLC
Nations Trust Bank PLC
Orient Finance PLC
Seylan Bank PLC
Siyapatha Finance PLC 
UB Finance Company Ltd
Union Bank PLC
SasiaNet | Investments Suite SasiaNet | Primary Dealer
Acuity Securities Ltd. (Collaboration of Hatton National Bank and DFCC Bank)
First Capital Treasuries Ltd.
Natwealth Securities Ltd.
Wealth Trust Corporation Ltd.
SasiaNet | Investments Suite SasiaNet | Margin Trading

Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC

SasiaNet | Investments Suite SasiaNet | Portfolio Management
Ambeon Capital PLC
First Capital Asset Management Ltd.
HNB Assurance PLC
SAFE Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
Sithma Development (Private) Limited (Subsidiary of Hatton National Bank PLC)
SasiaNet | Investments Suite SasiaNet | Mutual Funds First Capital Asset Management Ltd
SasiaNet | Accounts SasiaNet | Accounts (Financial Accounting System)
Fintrex Finance Ltd.
First Capital Markets Ltd.
First Capital Asset Management Ltd.
First Capital Money Brokers Ltd.
Hatton National Bank EPF
Orient Finance PLC
Sithma Development (Pvt) Ltd. (Subsidiary of Hatton National Bank PLC)
Taprobane Holdings Ltd.
Taprobane Money Brokers Ltd.
UB Finance Co. Ltd.

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