Why you should use Good Quality Software?

  • Improved Profitability

    SasiaNet believes that software itself should improve the profitability of its clients once implemented. This profitability is achieved through reduction of costs such as employment, time wastage and inappropriate business practices and increasing of gains such as efficient allocation of resources, speedy response, quick calculations, real time reporting.

  • Reliability through Accuracy

    Software for the Financial Services industry should essentially be highly accurate and reliable. Many financial organisations suffered losses by selecting the wrong vendors and the wrong suppliers. This is commonly seen in software with no previous implementations and software that are originally developed from scratch.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Some software can bring competitive advantage once customised since it will be flexed in such a way to best suit the client’s requirements. Rigid software requires users to change according to the system even though there is no universally accepted ‘best practice’ for process.

  • Legal Practices

    Due to the high cost of software small companies prefer pirated applications. Having such software in a business is highly risky as repercussions are severe. SasiaNet always urges its clients to use licensed versions of software and update the licenses duly.

  • Management of Relationships

    Software business is not a one-time sale that ends after purchasing. It is a long standing relationship between the client and the vendor. SasiaNet clients get unlimited customisations, trainings, free version upgrades and consultancies even many years after implementation.

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