NetAsset - Factoring and Leasing Software System - Sri Lanka

NetAsset - Factoring and Leasing Software System - Sri Lanka

NetAsset - Factoring / Leasing Software

Asset Financing System

NetAsset is a web based Factoring / Leasing Software Solution that can accommodate different asset financing transactions, namely, Invoice Factoring, Confidential Invoice Factoring, Cheque Discounting, Finance Leases, Operating Leases, Loans and Hire Purchase agreements. This software solution has many innovative and revolutionary features such as inquiry recording, marketing analysis reports, user defined credit score models, unique system diary which ensures tasks are completed, information dashboards, multi-tasking facility and drilling down from high level reports right up to source document level. Unique automated day-end/month-end system checks and controls ensure that detailed schedules match with control account balances and exceptions identified. Audit reports provide insight into all changes in the systems at reference data level as well as transaction data level. The system accommodates the Credit Information Bureau and other regulatory reporting.

NetAsset - Factoring / Leasing software is rich in terms of features and minimises the need to generate reports/documents externally, since the system itself generates virtually all required reports. New client specific reports will be delivered on demand. As the system is flexible to be aligned with the client-specific business processes, the users are benefited by continuing their own styles of work management.

NetAsset Factoring / Leasing software comprises of two independent modules, one to handle Leasing, Loans, Hiring and Hire Purchase transactions and the other to handle Factoring. These modules can be integrated seamlessly with each other and also with other SasiaNet products, such as Financial Accounting.

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Features of the system are classified according to different operational areas. Activities related to the Front Office and Marketing staff are available in the Marketing Section and credit related activities exist in the Credit Section. Similarly, collection activities, finance related activities are separated setting boundaries for departments in the client companies, hence confusions are eliminated. The Management Information System holds all reports that are required for decision making including reports required legally by the governing authorities such as the Central Bank and the Inland Revenue.


Front-end user interfaces are designed using a combination of programming and scripting languages such as Java, Javascript, AJAX and HTML. In addition, several modern frameworks and technologies such as JQuery are used to develop certain features. This facilitates easy browser based access of the software and functionality of components that are constrained by technology. NetAsset‘s backend is on Oracle Relational Database Management System (Oracle RDBMS), which is one of the most renowned databases for financial applications due to its high security, robustness and reliability.


  • SasiaNet‘s services help you work in a hassle free software environment.
  • SasiaNet customizes its software to match with your business processes.
  • SasiaNet shares its knowledge with you by offering you the latest tools and components available in the industry.
  • SasiaNet‘s courteous staff attends to requests for additional features or modifications and delivers the requirements speediliy.
  • SasiaNet provides free version upgrades to its customers enabling them to be always be using the most up to date solution
  • Based on your ability to invest, you may initially purchase a base level system and keep on adding features and modules when you generate cash flows.
  • SasiaNet is ready to assist you in purchasing hardware, database licensing and networking.
  • Through customer satisfaction and user satisfaction surveys, SasiaNet continues to improve in terms of products and services provided

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