Key Features, Functionalities and Values of SasiaNet Financial Solutions Suite

Key Features & Functionalities

Inquiry Management

The Inquiry Management module enables fast data entry and quotation generation, giving a speedy, delightful service for the prospective client. Since the module helps the marketing officers to follow up on inquiries and our clients generate more business than their competitors. As the system facilitates to analyze unsuccessful inquiries and quotations, our clients are able to introduce more attractive products to the general public faster than ever.

Business Volume Analysis & Forecasting

SNFSS can be used to introduce various products and sub product types. By analyzing business volumes, sales trends, forecasting and profitability analysis, our clients make more informed decisions than ever before. It also helps them to introduce right products to the right markets to generate more business.

Mobility for Business Generation and Approvals

As a digital touch point to the core application, SmartMove business generation and workflow management system is introduced. SmartMove is a modern, futuristic business generation and workflow system that can be easily used to onboard customers in the backend solution. Instead of waiting at the branches till prospective customers visit branches, our clients can go out to seek for business and update details real-time. SmartMove enables smart managers to approve facilities, credit evaluations and document uploads using a mobile device on the move.

In-built Credit Evaluations

Our clients can generate their own credit appraisals within SNFSS. Different types of products have different priorities. Based on those priorities, credit managers can design their own credit score models with different weights for each parameter.

Mobile App for Field Level Collections

Every business’s success depends on the effectiveness of the decisions they make. SNFSS provides real time decision support in various angles. While SmartMove enables business inclusion on the go, SmartCollector, the mobile-based cash collection app helps collection officers to collect cash from their customers and update the system instantaneously, instead of waiting till the end of the day to visit the branch and update systems.

SmartCollector is a secure app that has various security features inbuilt. While it instantly generates an SMS to the customer containing the received amounts, etc. it can issue a slip if a Bluetooth printer is connected. The management can instantly locate the collection officers and see their routes, performance and efficiency, which would directly help the recovery function to be streamlined and transparent.

SmartCollector is empowered with a special feature, namely Panic Mode. This is a feature that helps secure a Collection Officer (thus the application) from a situation where he/she is forced to enter a fictitious transaction by pretending.

Full Spectrum of Settlements, Reselling and Legal Case Management

The comprehensive platform comprises of every type of settlements practiced in Sri Lanka including early settlements, refinance, reschedule, balance transfer and all activities under reselling and legal case management. Therefore, our clients do not require any other system, spreadsheet or document to maintain records / calculate amounts as the Leasing solution handles every activity end-to-end.

Automatic Daily Reconciliations

SasiaNet solutions automatically tally their schedules with the financial accounting balances hence reconciliation is no more a headache. Since GL posting and most of the accounting functions are automated, no room is kept for mistakes. Year-end audits will no longer be cumbersome when SasiaNet solutions are in place.

Inbuilt Document Management and Notification Management

The core solution of SasiaNet is designed in such a way it can operate in a fully paperless environment. Our clients can define various types of documents such as agreements, reminder letters and various other types of documents from the system itself. Instead of printed letters, our clients send emails and SMSs through direct integrations. SasiaNet Document Management System, which can be seamlessly integrated with the core solution, would give more benefits related to paperwork minimization.

Drilldown Facility up to Source Document / Information level

The drilldown feature available throughout SNFSS offers the flexibility to access all relevant details from High Level reports and Transaction screens. Instead of searching details in multiple screens, users can locate relevant details from one screen using the drill down feature.

Inspiring Diary Management

The diary management technology built in SasiaNet solutions provides online up to date details of the tasks that are pending for the users. This helps to improve the level of monitoring and follow up of all activities.

User-definable Products and Fee Structures

Most of our solutions offer the rich advantage of defining multiple products with different features and fee structures, providing greater flexibility.

Workflow Engine

SNFSS comprises of a powerful workflow engine that effectively handles various delegations of authority for different products.



Converting inquiries to profitable cash flows

The proposed solution is designed in such a way client on-boarding is as fast as it could be. Prospective customers can be provided with quotations within a few button clicks and minimal data entry even at the customer’s doorstep. Today clients value speed of service over loyalty. Hence, SNFSS would convert inquiries to cash flows (facilities) through its speed of service.

Credit Risk Minimized

User defined / comprehensive credit score models help clients to incorporate their own controls to evaluate prior to approving a facility. All our lending products have inbuilt credit scoring mechanisms where clients and other related parties (if any) are evaluated for credit worthiness.

Paperwork Minimized

With the Document Management Features, SasiaNet Financial Solutions Suite assists our clients to manage all types of documents digitally within the system. Therefore, the traditional method of printing and storing would not be required, which leads to inefficiencies, wastage of physical storage and costs.

Efficiency Improved

SNFSS provides a totally automated workflow based support for efficient transaction processing covering the entire range of activities. This key design feature enables very high levels of operational efficiency and improved productivity.

On-line-real-time accessibility of information

SNFSS provides real time access to information resident in the system, which in turn provides relevant up to date management information. Since the solution contains mobile apps and other extensions to mobile devices, users can update the systems on the move, hence real-time information is contained in the backend.

State-of-the-art Web/Relational Database Management System

SNFSS is developed on the Oracle Relational Database Management System, which provides high levels of stability and security for the operation of the system. The Oracle backend database has been coupled with a web-based front-end user interface providing rich functionality and ease of use for end-users.

Scalability to suit Operational Requirements

SNFSS can be established at a base level and could be scaled up, both in terms of application functionality as well as hardware and other infrastructure to meet operational requirements of the user organization.

Rapid Response

SasiaNet would be available on various communication channels to discuss matters and to provide speedy response. Through remote connectivity, SasiaNet log into our systems deployed at client sites to resolve matters.

SasiaNet operates a 24/7 Helpdesk solution that enables our clients to log issues, request changes and communicate other requirements.

Solution that meets Dynamic Client Requirements

Having control over the software, SasiaNet is in a position to provide effective solutions to licensee's ever-changing requirements and changes forced about by the environment in which the licensee operates. The solution will not remain stagnant, but will evolve with the licensee’s requirements in addition to the incorporation of industry best practices.

Assistance in Faster NPD

Highly parameterized Solution supports NPD (New Product Development) teams of our clients to configure product features to bring up new lending products before their competitors do to cater to dynamic strategic needs, with the flexible rule engine.

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