SasiaNet Launches SasiaNet | TaskPro Work From Home / Task Management Platform

SasiaNet | TaskPro

In order to assist organizations cope with changes posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, SasiaNet launched SasiaNet | TaskPro Work from Home platform yesterday. This platform helps large organizations, small businesses, individual departments and small teams effectively monitor people and tasks and to continue their operations without being physically present in offices.

The platform is cloud hosted and anyone interested can evaluate the suitability for their operations simply by visiting Using the following credentials, you can have a quick walkthrough on the platform before you register as a trial user.


Password: 1234

During the 21-day free trial period, users get unlimited access to its features and have any number of users.

Features such as Real time collaboration, Time tracking, File management, Multi-company support, Adding watchers, Smart Alertz, HR functions (Attendance & Leave) and Cost center / Profit center approach are on offer.

For more information, please visit or contact us on or +94 706 660 990.

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