SasiaNet Launches SasiaNet | SmartAlertz Business Exceptions Management Engine / Platform / Software System

Introducing SasiaNet | SmartAlertz Business Exceptions Management Platform!!!

SasiaNet | SmartAlertz is a state-of-the-art Business Exceptions Management Platform that generates and monitors SmartAlertz relating to categories of

  • Control exceptions
  • Reminders and
  • Approvals.

With SasiaNet | SmartAlertz you can

  • Pre-define your required SmartAlertz
  • Assign threshold limits and
  • Get real time SmartAlertz when those threshold limits are approached or exceeded

The key advantage is that a single consolidated platform can maintain control of the entirety of the Organization’s activities, even when using multiple software solutions.

The role of SasiaNet | SmartAlertz does not end after merely alerting relevant persons of the underlying activity. A whole new SMART process begins from there onwards by

  • Keeping track of the status of the underlying activity
  • Escalating the alert to any number of levels in an organization's hierarchy
  • Triggering follow up tasks and actions and
  • Directing predefined SmartAlertz through a user defined approval process

The platform provides

  • Compliance dashboards and reports on the entire range of controls setup in the system
  • Track compliance and exceptions of users, teams, operations and functional areas
  • An overall score for the organization

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